LACES releases inspirational “Underdog” from new album


About a month ago, singer-songwriter LACES gave us her latest single “Thirsty” from upcoming album, Super Weirdo.  Featuring guitarist Molly Miller, “Thirsty” is a sassy alt-pop track that tackles the double standards imposed on women in the music industry.  The single showcases LACE’s ambition as an artist, choosing to stay true to herself and do what feels right to her as opposed to settling in order to make others happy.  Being the force behind the multi-service creative company Head Bitch Music, LACES uses this confidence and originality to change the game and inspire others to do the same.  Exploring this topic even further, LACES gives us “Underdog,” which serves as an anthem to those who constantly feel like they’re not enough.

On “Underdog,” LACES inspires others out there to never give up.  Containing encouraging acoustic guitar and lively percussion, the track gives off a comforting vibe that complements the lyrics.  Through sweet indie pop vocals, LACES reveals, “Everybody loves an underdog / Coming in last, they cheer you on / When you’re feeling low, keep keeping on / Cause everybody loves an underdog.”  You can check it out below.

Touching on the concept of her album, LACES explains,

“All I know is that I am going to continue to be a ‘Super Weirdo’ and surprise myself.  I will be in the room you don’t expect me to be in.  I will make music even if you don’t listen to it.  I won’t apologize for working to dismantle the business of art so that we can lead with empathy.” 

“Underdog” can be found on LACES’ new album, Super Weirdo, which is out now on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

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