Nick Mulvey releases “Brother To You” from upcoming album


Earlier this year, Nick Mulvey started teasing his upcoming album with the release of “Star Nation.”  The track touched on the idea of finding joy during bleak times, which was a much needed focus for Nick when he started recording the album.  A few weeks ago, Nick followed up the release of “Star Nation” with “A Prayer of My Own,” diving into the journey one takes when trying to heal from a loss.  These are only a few of the themes from New Mythology, which is due for release on June 10.  Before we get this new album, however, Nick is releasing its third single, “Brother To You.”

Having made the album during lockdown, Nick had plenty of time to turn unspoken thoughts and feelings into songs.  One topic that came up was that of reparation, specifically towards a brother figure.  With “Brother To You,” Nick acknowledges that he could have done more, acted more on his role of being a brother.  Over lively instrumentation and acoustic guitar, Nick sings, “Being a brother to you wasn’t easy to me” and “I have missed your face, your mind, your company.”  He also claims that he would go back in time to change how things turned out if he got the chance.

Giving us more about the track, Nick shared,

“It’s about atonement and apology, and writing it has been relief for me.  From these personal origins, it’s been cool to see how much people resonate with the song.  It seems like most people have someone in their past who they would like to say this kind of message to.” 

Along with the release of “Brother To You,” Nick has also issued a live performance video of the song.  The video was filmed at The Solaris Theater in Paris, where we see Nick and guitarist Pilo Adami utilizing the acoustics of the space.  As they play their guitars and give us gorgeous vocals, they also take us on a small tour of the theater, going through hallways and moving up and down stairways.  You can check it out below.

You can listen to “Brother To You” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Catch Nick Mulvey this summer at Glastonbury Festival on June 24 and at his live shows in New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles here.

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