Scapegoat Wax returns with Atomic Slam trilogy


It has been a long time coming, but Scapegoat Wax is back!  We last heard from Scapegoat Wax, also known as Marty James, in 2002 when he released his sophomore album, SWAX, making it nearly 20 years since new music has been released.  During this time, his breakout hit “Aisle 10 (Hello Allison)” continues to be one of his most iconic songs, with thousands of fans streaming any and all versions of the track each month.  Obviously, a comeback might as well happen in a big way, which is why Scapegoat Wax has released a trilogy of songs before officially putting out that highly anticipated new album.

Back in November of 2021, Scapegoat Wax gave us ATOMIC SLAM! (note the one exclamation point), which contained the singles “Evaporate” and “Reckless.”  Though the two tracks dabbled in different genres, they kept the familiar Scapegoat Wax sound that most fans know and love.  Currently, “Reckless” is getting a lot of action through streaming services, showing that a long hiatus did not hinder Marty or Scapegoat in the least.  Last month, ATOMIC SLAM!! (two exclamation points) was released, containing two more eclectic singles that continued to promote the upcoming album.  It all lead up to the closing of the Atomic Slam trilogy last week, when the singles “Caving” and “Bad Seed” were released on ATOMIC SLAM!!!  Those final singles round out the trilogy and give us more of an idea as to what we can expect on the new album, which is a dynamic sound and plenty of energy.

The details of Scapegoat Wax’s upcoming album are yet to be released.  However, when promoting ATOMIC SLAM!!! last week, Scapegoat teased, “the Grand Finale [is] coming soon!” so we know that it will not be too long before the album arrives.

For now, you can listen to the Atomic Slam trilogy on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with Scapegoat Wax:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // TikTok // YouTube


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