illuminati hotties bring tenderpunk to Chicago


This past Friday, Lincoln Hall in Chicago, IL was home to three powerhouse female artists and their crew – Pom Pom Squad, Fenne Lily, and illuminati hotties.

Opening the show was Brooklyn indie-rockers Pom Pom Squad, the project of singer, songwriter, and guitarist Mia Berrin; joined by Shelby Keller on drums, Alex Mercuri on guitar, and Lauren Marquez on bass.

Since their debut 2018 EP Hate It Here, Pom Pom Squad has slowly but surely released strings of singles before recently releasing their first LP Death of a Cheerleader in 2021.

Their set consisted of a wide range of these songs, from early singles “Heavy Heavy” and “Cherry Blossom” to newer tunes “Lux” and “Drunk Voicemail.”

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British folk singer-songwriter Fenne Lily took the stage next along with her touring band: drummer James Luxton, guitarist Joe Sherrin, and bassist Kane Eagle.

Fenne Lily’s music was a complete 180 from that of Pom Pom Squad, as it was more laid back, with many acoustic songs. Incorporating a bunch of banter into her set, Fenne Lily asked the crowd for their input on several unreleased and untitled songs, taking each suggestion from the crowd into consideration.

Along with those unreleased/untitled songs, the band played a mix of tunes from both Fenne Lily’s first album On Hold and newest release BREACH. Ranging from heart-on-your-sleeve “Car Park” to finding yourself “Berlin” and “I Used to Hate My Body but Now I Just Hate You.”

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The “tenderpunk” project of Sarah Tudzin; illuminati hotties kicked the crowd back into madness with their frenetic and intense opening songs “will I get cancelled if I write a song called, “if you were a man you’d be so cancelled”” and “Pool Hopping.”

Joining Tudzin on stage were drummer Tim Kmet, guitarist Sapphire Jewell, and Zach Bilson on bass; but nothing compared to Tudzin’s infectious stage presence as she danced around while performing “MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA” and had all eyes on her when she slowed it down for “Threatening Each Other re: Capitalism,” before closing with “I Wanna Keep Yr Dog” and “Pressed 2 Death.”

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The illuminati hotties tour ends on March 11th in Portland, OR – see tour dates here.

Photos by Ann Storlie (@ast_lie) & Website

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