ABISHA brings us home in heartfelt new song and video for “Home To You”


ABISHA is proving that she is an unstoppable force with her brilliant heartwarming new single “Home To You”.  She is kickstarting her new era with “Home To You”and we couldn’t be more excited for it. This is her first release of 2022 and it is off of her upcoming EP set to release at the end of this summer. Her new EP finds her exploring different sounds and sides of her ever evolving identity that continues to mesmerize her listeners. The record will explore ABISHA in a more positive headspace, really expressing herself and being happy in who she is. It’s shaping up to be a truly inspiring EP, and that’s what ABISHA does so well. She makes music that not only means something to her but also can mean a lot to others in their own interpretation of it. That’s what makes her so special. You can tell she really puts her all into everything she does. Especially with her new song “Home To You”.


“To Me, ‘Home To You’ can be interpreted in so many different ways because everyone has their own personal person, thing or place that feels like home. For me, feeling at home is where I feel safe and comfortable, and can relax at the end of the day and let out all of my emotions, and ‘Home To You’ is about that home being my girlfriend. We wrote it in the Summer when covid restrictions were still in place and we were being optimistic and hopeful about all of the things we could do when we were finally free! I had been doing some reflection and started to step into my own authentic power which has massively helped my confidence, which I think is reflected in ‘Home To You’ and throughout the whole upcoming EP! It’s my favourite on the EP because it’s upbeat and so happy but also still quite deep and emotional.” shares ABISHA.

It’s a heartfelt track that will leave you in your feels, thinking about that special someone or place that you may also call home. It’s a beautifully made song that has a message we can all relate to in some way or another.  It truly means a lot to ABISHA. The accompanying music video is even that more beautiful, taking us on a coastal road trip where she embraces the carefree atmosphere of her surroundings.

“For the video, I really wanted to capture the energy and emotion of the track. I wanted it to reflect the energy and buzz of the song, which we created by featuring some of the things that make me feel my happiest and most at home. The video was filmed on the most freezing but beautiful day, the sunset was incredible and I’m so grateful because it encapsulates the joy of the track even more.”

ABISHA is truly making waves within the music industry and is someone you should definitely have on your radar if you don’t already. Not only is she an amazing singer/songwriter she also is paving the way for many musicians to come. As a black queer artist she mentions she didn’t have many people to look up to or identify with within the industry when she was growing up, but now she is discovering who she is as an artist and person and that’s so important. It’s important for representation within the industry, for people who identify like ABISHA to see themselves and have someone to look up to and inspire them to follow their passions too. ABISHA is an inspiration to many and she’s only on the rise to stardom from here on out! We can’t wait to see what she has in store next.


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