Louis Tomlinson brings his show-stopping tour to Nashville



Last week, Louis Tomlinson brought the house down at The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN on his self-titled World Tour. It was a fantastic night at the Ryman with Louis bringing out old and new jams for his audience to grasp onto. After a handful of cancellations over the past few years due to Coronavirus concerns, Louis finally made it to the Music City to show what it really means to be a great performer.

Getting the show started was the California-born group, Sun Room. Sun Room categorizes their own music as “The Sound Of Fun,” and they are not joking. Opening their set with full sound and direction, Sun Room grabbed the audience’s attention and held it for their entire set. Though this was their first show at The Ryman, they played as if it was their last.

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Louis Tomlinson opened his set with his own song “We Made It,” then immediately followed it up with One Direction’s “Drag Me Down.” This dynamic duo set the tone for the remainder of the show. Bouncing back and forth between his old and new tracks, Louis kept the sea of people engaged and screaming for just a glimpse of eye contact. With many years of experience under his belt, Louis knew how to conduct and control his crowd; he would point in a direction and you could audibly hear the eruption of screams from that specific area. Though the show fell on a Tuesday night, Louis and the crowd treated it as a Friday night. For over an hour and a half, Louis kept his screaming crowd engaged, thrilled, and wanting more.

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The Nashville show was just the beginning of Louis Tomlinson’s World Tour. To see other tour dates and to buy tickets, click HERE — This is not a show that you want to miss.

Photos and Words by Jackson Campbell (@Jack.T.Camp)

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