Peach Pit share new single “Vickie”



Last year, Canadian rockers Peach Pit announced their third record From 2 to 3 alongside the mellow, pensive single “Look Out!” It marked a transition for the band, introducing folkier elements to their sound rather than the straightforward indie-rock of their debut. With the album’s impending release on March 4th via RCA, the band has shared another great single to drum up hype for one of indie’s most reliable bands.

“Vickie” is more upbeat than “Look Out!”, but it still maintains a nostalgic, tender quality that’s anchored with singer Neil Smith’s unmistakable voice. The lyrics focus on a relationship between Smith and the titular Vickie, with Smith oscillating back and forth on whether or not he actually likes this person before eventually determining “I thank god you don’t live nеxt door to me”. It’s a fun, light song from a band that is pro at this kind of stuff. Watch the video for “Vickie” below, and preorder From 2 to 3 here.



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