Nova Miller tries to find where it all went wrong on emotional new single “cold feet”


January is a time when most of us are reflecting on the year just passed and considering our options as we move forward.  We may struggle with some commitment issues, as it can be hard to follow through with new resolutions or keep up with old tasks and projects.  In that sense, cases of “cold feet” may arise, where we want to ditch everything altogether and never look back.

On Nova Miller’s latest single “cold feet,” the pop artist describes the emotional turmoil she faces after someone she loves decides to abandon what they had together.  Over desolate piano chords and fuller verses that feature a more cheerful pop sound, Nova recounts the love that they shared and questions where things went wrong.  Poignantly, she sings, “You used to hold me / Put a blanket on me / To warm my cold feet / Until you got cold feet yourself.”

In the accompanying video below, Nova brings the story she so describes in the track to life.  We see her and her lover living out their dreams in a cozy house, taking photos and sharing sweaters.  But then, we watch as things change between them, the warmth they share with one another going cold.  In the end, he gets cold feet and leaves Nova to reminisce on old memories.  As much as she wants to, Nova just cannot escape his ghost, finding him almost everywhere she looks.

You can listen to “cold feet” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

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