Morgin Madison and Dominique team up for nostalgic dance track “Drifter”


A few years ago, dance artist Morgin Madison took a risk by pursuing a career in music.  Knowing that he was destined for something more, he spent his days making genuine dance tracks that range from cool and collected to dramatic and restless.  His music caught the attention of deadmau5 in 2020, who made him right at home at his mau5trap label.  The following year, Morgin released his debut album Living the Phantasm, which explored some of the fears and dreams he experienced from the year prior.  Ready to see what kind of magic he can make in 2022, Morgin is now entering the year in style with the release of his new single “Drifter.”

Teaming up with LA-based pop artist Dominique, Morgin crafts a unique space of nostalgia and progression.  The swirling, energetic production brings out the longing that comes from the lyrics, which are so elegantly sung by Dominique.  Together, Morgin and Dominique share the tale of a one-sided romance, with Dominique telling the “drifter” to leave, but not before taking a piece of her heart away.  You can check it out below.

Morgin also reveals,

“With ‘Drifter,’ I wanted to create a song that took my sound into a very intimate direction, while still holding onto my roots in progressive dance music.  Once I teamed up with Dominique on vocals, the song became a beautifully nostalgic anthem about a one-sided relationship.  While a lot of my music feels more vast and ethereal, ‘Drifter’ brings you in close for a bittersweet journey.”

You can listen to “Drifter” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Morgin Madison:  Facebook //  Instagram // Twitter // Website


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