Unsilent Night Music Festival Makes Its Way Back to Dallas



The Unsilent Night Music Festival made an amazing return to Dallas after 6 years! It was an awesome event, and it was definitely what all the alternative kids had been asking Santa for this year. Taking place at Gilly’s in Downtown Dallas, the festival was held across 5 indoor rooms. The festival showcased various artists ranging from big names bands to local musicians, with over 40 artists playing throughout the day.


If breaks were needed from the awesome music, they had scheduled wrestling matches to keep people entertained. Santa was also there with his helper elf taking pictures with all the punks and scene kids, and we even spotted Olaf and the Grinch wandering around from time to time. With an interior decked out in Christmas decorations and screens playing classic (and not so classic) Christmas scenes on a loop it was hard not to feel the holiday cheer. Festival-goers filled the rooms, and you had people of all genres converging in this festival.  From the punks with neon green mohawks to people dressed in full-on ugly sweaters and Santa hats. There were a ton of great performances that night, so check out coverage on a few of our favorites below!



Magnolia Park

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Magnolia Park is an up-and-coming pop-punk band from Orlando, Florida. A viral hit on social media like TikTok and such, they drew in an amazing crowd that was jamming out with them during their entire set. Among their setlist were some of their hits like “Sick of it All” and “10 for 10”, and they even covered “Sugar We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy. They had so much energy, and the crowd was rocking out with them throughout. They’re taking the alt-rock and pop-punk world by storm, and we look forward to what they’ll bring next! 



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Carolesdaughter entranced her audience with her ethereal alt goth-pop anthems. She was a sight to behold, looking like a goth rock princess with her black and torn fishnets and facial piercings. She came out rocking, and performed several of her singles such as “My Mother Wants Me Dead” and “please put me in a medically induced coma”. She delved some into the background and inspiration for her songs, like going through drugs and rehab. They resonated deeply with the audience and you could feel her raw emotion as she went through her set. 



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Perfectly blending emo and hip-hop genres, guccihighwaters weaves together lyrics and melodies that are both beautiful and vulnerable. Taking the stage to a hyped crowd, songs on his setlist included “do u wanna be mine” and “oh fuck I’m drunk”. It was more mellow energy in comparison to other sets from the evening but powerful all the same. He would come up to the barrier to sing out lyrics right along with his fans, and new fans were definitely made that night. 



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Overtaking the pop-punk world is KennyHoopla. With genre-bending music, he has built up a large and dedicated fanbase, evident in the crowd that was there at Unsilent Night. Songs from that night included “how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway?//” and his newest single “hollywood sucks//”. He got the crowd off their feet during his entire performance, and they matched his energy as he bounded all over the stage. A great performer, he kept the audience engaged and was incredible to see live. 



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Talented singer and emo rapper Nothing,Nowhere. found himself among highly anticipated fans as people were calling for him to take the stage. Performing songs like “hammer” and “pieces of you” fans were singing with him during his entire set. He even pulled out his guitar to strum a few chords during his performance. He grooved along with his songs as he sang, and was vibing with the music as much as everyone else at the venue. 


Nessa Barrett

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Nessa Barrett had her debut performance in Dallas at the festival. An incredible breakout pop-rock singer, her songs were amazing and the audience couldn’t get enough. Delving into topics of mental health, bullies, eating disorders, and such. She showed a beautiful rawness in her music. Fans were also treated to a surprise appearance by her boyfriend Jaden Hossler (aka. jxdn) who performed “la di die (feat. jxdn)” with her. Other songs included “i hope ur miserable until ur dead” and “counting crimes”. 



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Grandson was one of the most anticipated performers of the night, and he definitely did not disappoint. He burst onto stage full of wild energy, much like his songs. An alt-rock rapper and activist, many of his songs touch on modern-day issues which aren’t always discussed. There’s a certain fun craziness that goes along with his set as he twists and turns across the stage. He has a great love for his fans, even encouraging them to make their way to the front and get on stage with him at some point. As people crowd surfed their way to the front and headbanged along, he performed songs ranging from his eps to his debut album Death of an Optimist. Songs included “Oh No!!!” and “Blood // Water”. 


Sleeping With Sirens

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The crowd had been waiting all day for this. You could hear some fans discussing with security how they’d been waiting at the barricade for over 8 hours. Others had flown in from San Diego just to see this performance. Everyone was anticipating an epic concert because this was Sleeping with Sirens’ 10th anniversary for their 2nd, and possibly their most popular album, Let’s Cheers To This. Excitement is in the air, and then the intro to “Let’s Cheers To This” starts, and frontman Kellin Quinn’s voice rings out. Screams and cheers fill the venue we are treated to the full playthrough of the album. Some of the songs hadn’t been sung in almost a decade, such as “Your Nickle Ain’t Worth My Dime” and people were going crazy for it, rightfully so. Throughout the show, the band thanked the fans for sticking it out with them for so long. Sleeping with Sirens redefined the post-hardcore genre, and all their hard work could be seen in their dedicated fanbase and this amazing show. 


All in all, Unsilent Night was the BEST way to end the year. You can’t do much better than basking in holiday cheer with some of the best alternative rock artists the nation has to offer. So Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year, and we look forward to Unsilent Night 2022!


Keep up with Unsilent Night here.

Photos and words by Kitty Jong (@kijophoto)


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