Christmas Song Rundown ft. Ashnikko, JAX, and more



We are at the peak of the Holiday Season, and artists have been dropping festive new tracks left and right!
We all know the classic holiday songs we hear on repeat at the malls and chain stores and wish we could forget; but these tunes are next-level, and unlike those other songs, you won’t want to stop listening to these.

1.) Ashnikko – “Carol Of the Bells”

Ashnikko has quickly become one of our favorite artists of 2021, and we were elated to hear that they were a part of Spotify Singles: Holiday Collection. Their latest release, an updated take on the Christmas classic “Carol Of The Bells” does not stray from the sound they’re known for, and we thankfully now have a spooky song for Christmas.


2.) Beach Bunny – “Christmas Caller”

Chicago-based band Beach Bunny released the most upbeat and poppy tune on our list titled “Christmas Caller.” The song is about reconciling with a lover after not having spoken in weeks and using the holiday season as an excuse to talk again.


3.) Salem Ilese – “Thank You Note”

You know Salem Ilese from her breakout single and Tik-Tok favorite “Mad at Disney;” and “Thank You Note” is no different in terms of a catchy beat and creative lyrics. Just like “Mad at Disney,” “Thank You Note” is a song you will keep on repeat.


4.) JAX – “I Feel Like A Kid Again”

Alt-singer (and 3rd place American Idol Winner) JAX released “I Feel Like A Kid Again” via Atlantic Records. The song is reminiscent of the magical feeling of finally being with your family again for the holidays.


5.) LOVA – “Happy New Year”

The Spotify Singles: Holiday Collection was so good this year that we just had to choose another from the list. “Happy New Year” by Swedish artist LOVA gives the listener a sense of hope that the new year will be better than the last – so here’s to 2022!


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