Josh Ramsay’s single “Lady Mine” blasts into the past with his 70’s and 80’s rock fusion track


Canadian singer and Marianas Trench frontman Josh Ramsay has made his solo debut with the single “Lady Mine,” featuring Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. Combining the sound of clean, classic rock and a full horn section, “Lady Mine” gives listeners a taste of Ramsay’s upcoming genre-fusing album. Listeners will find a 70’s vibe with a pinch of 80’s rock sound.

The pandemic allowed Ramsay to focus on creating his 2022 album, The Josh Ramsay Show. The project has 18 tracks, with each song exploring a different genre.

Ramsay says, “My goal was to try and do as many genres as possible, so it feels kind of like a variety show. I see it as my ‘calling card’ – not just as a songwriter, but as a producer and arranger.”

This distinct approach will hopefully allow every music lover to connect and relate to at least one song on the album. “Something for everyone” is a phrase used often, but this album may be pure ubiquity, and all music lovers need to give it a listen when released.

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