Josh Pan wishes to transcend reality on “float”


This year started out strong for multi-hyphenate Josh Pan, whose genre-bending style has resonated with fans and artists alike for the past few years.  Back in June, Josh released the captivating “Supersonic (My Existence)” with Skrillex, Noisa, and Dylan Brady, which quickly garnered over 25 million streams across all streaming platforms.  He followed up the successful track with “go with the fire” earlier this month, which was the first of a two-part release for the artist.  As fans have had time to process the video and the track, Josh has wasted no time in giving them part two of the series with “float.”

Featuring colorful rhythms and soft vocals, “float” harnesses the untethered feeling of the lyrics.  Exploring moments of loss and loneliness, Josh sings about “feeling real cold without a sweater” and “feeling so broken,” without this other person in his life.  Telling us more about the concept of the track, Josh explains,

“While its lyrics present obvious meaning, with feelings of loss and desperation, mourning the end of a relationship, ‘float’ is to be left up to the interpretation of the listeners.  The feelings and ideas portrayed through the lyrics can be applied to any situation and any relationship whether romantic, platonic, familial, or even a relationship with a substance or addictive behavior.  Apply the lyrics and feelings of this song to the context of your own life and tell me what it means to you.”

The video is a continuation of the story we see in “go with the fire,” in which Josh and his partner in crime team up to conduct multiple heists.  Towards the end of the video, Josh ends up getting hurt during one of the raids, leaving us to wonder if he will be okay.  In “float,” we see Josh overcome his injury, only to enter into another dilemma.  Do things work out for him?  You can check it out below.

You can listen to “float” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Keep up with Josh Pan:  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Website


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