Nova Miller Is So “done” on New Single


A few months ago, we found pop artist Nova Miller under “apricot skies.”  The upbeat tune was the perfect summer jam, with lighthearted melodies and fun-loving lyrics that focused on spending time with those you love.  But sadly, life is not always so blissful and innocent.  There are times when you just want to drop the people around you and forget about all that is going on, as Nova nonchalantly tells us on her latest single “done.”

A mellow pop track with a “sorry not sorry” attitude, “done” gets real about being over the rules and standards of society.  The song starts out with Nova describing how she is “tired of saying sorry” and always having to put up with parties and conversations that she really does not find interesting.  Elsewhere on in the track, she gets into the exhaustion she faces from incorporating different “diets and vitamins” and constantly “opening up to someone who can’t keep a secret,” revealing that it is all just too much.  She then lets it all out in the chorus, where she sings, “I just can’t take it!” and declares, “I am done.”  You can check it all out in the music video below.

The track comes after a recent social media post, in which Nova openly came out about her body dysmorphia.  In the post, she shared, “I fully don’t know a single girl that has never struggled with eating…and it makes me so sad.  I just hope being open about it will take away my own mental fence I put up and hopefully help someone reading this.”  By being so open and channeling her honest thoughts into “done,” Nova is definitely helping others come to terms with similar issues.

You can listen to “done” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Nova Miller:   Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // TikTok // Website


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