Snøw drops melancholic lo-fi song “Blaming Me For Us”



Salem, MA-based lo-fi artist Snøw has released a brand new single “Blaming Me For Us”, which is a brilliant track full of heartbreak.  Produced by his frequent collaborator Skinny Atlas, the new track arrives with a smooth trance laced with silky guitar chords and trap elements that launches us into the lo-fi macrocosm. The song talks about a toxic relationship and the need to get out of the toxic situation, but also the fear of being alone afterward. It’s a raw and honest song with a great message that many could relate to. That’s what makes it such a stellar song. But we can’t forget to mention Snøw’s incredible songwriting ability and smooth, silky, vocals on the track either, they really make the whole song. 

Speaking of the new song, Snøw shares:It’s about toxic love. About how the other person always blames you for the issues in the relationship, even when they’re the one doing the most damage. It’s about realizing all this, but for some reason you find yourself still missing the intimacy and the idea of being in love.The song was inspired by this whole scenario. I heard the melody of the song in my head first and wrote it without an instrumental. Then me and Skinny Atlas came up with guitar and production after recording the lyrics.”

“Blaming Me For Us” is a glimpse into Snøw’s upcoming project, which he’ll be announcing more details soon. With more new music coming out before 2021 ends, Snøw is set to showcase his musical versatility and lyrical prowess that explores a wide range of genres, personal narratives, and moods through vivid introspective tunes. We can’t wait to see what else he has in store! 

Watch the music video to “Blaming Me For Us” below.


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