Highly Anticipated Head In The Clouds Festival Soars to New High For Year Three – Day 1


Special Guest Illenium’s set electrifies the crowd.


Being a huge celebration of Asian culture, music, and food, the Head In The Clouds Festival exceeded great expectations on day one of its third year of return. As fans eagerly entered the festival, they were greeted with several photo opportunities showing off either the 88 Rising logo or Clouds to show off to their friends and family. With several food vendors to choose from, the options are endless as festival goers decide which flavor boba tea they should get, or if they should get noodles or dumplings, or maybe even both. With an amazing lineup and several viewing areas, there’s no denying that 88 Rising went above and beyond with this year’s festival. Here are our top acts from Day 1:


Audrey Nuna:

Making her festival debut on Double Happiness Stage at Head In The Clouds, Audrey Nuna is definitely an artist to watch out for! Filled with so much passion and excitement, the singer took full advantage of the stage as she went from one side to another. With clear vocals matching what was heard in her most recent work “a liquid breakfast,” Audrey demonstrated that she is indeed made for the stage. We had a blast catching Audrey’s set and can’t wait to see what’s to come from the young artist.

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Having recently released his sophomore album “Heavy Glow” this past month, Elephante is no stranger to the stage. Having already recently performed at EDC Vegas and Escape, fans were treated to a thrilling experience as the performer took on the Double Happiness stage. With huge charisma, the performer’s stage presence instantly drew you in. From singing and reaching out to the crowd, to showing off his DJ talents, Elephante is a man of many talents. If festival-goers didn’t have the chance to catch the multi-talented performer, you can still catch him in his upcoming performances at EDC Orlando and Ember Shores.

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Sharing the 88 Stage, DPR IAN & LIVE brought out a huge uproar from the crowd. Constantly hyping up one another, both performers teleported the crowd to what felt like the party of the century. As fans constantly shared them on, both performers matched the crowd’s energy as they keep taking full advantage of the stage’s catwalk. With a special guest appearance from EAJ, DPR’s set was a must attend event.

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What felt like an insanely quick set, Saweetie was full of non-stop energy and excitement. From impressive choreography to constantly interacting with the crowd, it was impossible to not have a smile on your face as the performer took on the stage. With both sass and charm, Saweetie made sure that the sound production team gave her the time to speak with the crowd. Giving an impressive show for her icy girls and boys, Saweetie left us begging for more as she left the stage.

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Being no newbie to the stage, CL demonstrated why she is the massive star that she is today. With choreography that took full advantage of the stage, CL amped the crowd as her performance radiated through the crowd. Constantly smiling through her set, there was no denying that the performer loved taking the stage. Fans’ chants and screams were heard throughout the festival grounds as CL kept increasing the energy as each new song started.

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Rich Brian:

Making it clear that he hasn’t taken the stage since 2019, Rich Brian demanded the crowd to get hyped as he took the stage. Oozing with a hunger to perform, the performer was running and hyping the crowd from every single corner of the main stage. As he took the time to talk to the crowd, Brian had the crowd in laughter with his humor but quickly switched into full performance as the next song began. Never did we expect to see huge dancing edamame on the stage, but Rich Brian is always full of surprises and excitement. There’s no doubt that Rich Brian is his biggest hype man, but wow, he really knows how to control an audience. Closing day one of the Head In The Clouds Festival, Rich Brian left fans with an amazing experience.

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Day one may be over, but don’t miss out the livestream for day two! 

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Photos and write-up by Angel Escobar.



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