Teddi Gold releases feel good anthem ‘Pineapple Piñata’



Teddi Gold shines in her new song “Pineapple Piñata”. If you ever needed a song to dance to and forget about all your problems for a minute then this is the song for you. It’s a feel good tune that will have you out on the dance floor in no time with your best friends. It’s a song we all need right about now. It’s about finding light in the darkness. About being your true self no matter what comes in your way. A brilliant tune filled with hyper pop realness and introspective and authentic lyrics. Teddi does such a fantastic job at telling stories through her songs as well as making songs that really catch your attention and have you hooked in from the first verse. “Pineapple Piñata” is definitely one of those songs.


“‘Pineapple Piñata’ is about dancing out all your negative feelings and leaving it on the dance floor,” Teddi explains when speaking about the track, “We are living in pretty dark times and I find that movement and dance help me with my own anxiety and depression and my hope is that it helps others too.” She tells HollywoodLife, “The whole idea for the song was that you can create joy anywhere. You can live authentically, and happiness comes from the internal, not the external. So, I wanted the world in this video to feel dystopian and futuristic. Set in an abandoned place, three people find each other, find connection, and through that newfound friendship, they find joy. You don’t need anything outside of yourself to find it.”


“Pineapple Piñata” also arrives with the announcement of her new EP Vol. 2 due out October 7th. Teddi explains that on the new EP;

“You will hear about wanting to have fun for the summer, you will hear about leaving your problems on the dance floor, you will hear about how love transcends materialism, you will hear about wanting to be a good friend, you will hear me encouraging you to follow your own dreams, and you will hear about not letting the haters bring you down.”

Exciting things are in the works for Teddi Gold, and we are sure they will be fantastic. “Pineapple Gold” is some of her best work to date, and she just keeps surprising everyone with her brilliant songwriting and the ability to make such memorable and authentic music that will have you talking about it non stop. She wants to give everyone a voice and uplift others. She is a true star who will soon pave the way for pop music. We can’t wait to hear more from Teddi soon, so keep a look out on October 7th!


Check out the feel good music video to “Pineapple Piñata” below!


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