Maude Latour comes ‘Clean’ on new single


Break out star Maude Latour is here to come “Clean” in her new brilliant single. Growing up is hard, and Maude knows all too much about the growing pains. This song is a testament to growing up on your own and taking care of yourself through tough times. She wrote this song two years ago actually, and in that time she has been working on herself and her music.

Latour explains on the song, “The difference between 19 and 21 feels paradigmatic. When I was 19, this song was earnestly me working on myself, constantly promising to clean my room and temporarily taking good care of myself in spurts. Truly, I am an extremely messy person who is constantly involved in introspection and self-improvement, epiphanies, and inner thoughts. This song has become an even truer testament to how growing is painful. Sometimes you are trying your best, and it’s still messy, and it is still your best. Growth hurts—growing pains. I’m learning so much every single day.”

She claims New York, where she grew up, as a place for her inspiration. She knows the city better than herself, it allows her to draw inspiration for her music. “Clean” isn’t the first from Latour though, as she has made a name for herself with previous releases of “One More Weekend”, and “Walk Backwards” which are both masterpieces. They have garnered her over 30 million streams so far with praise coming from Billboard, NYLON, and The FADER. She is someone everyone should know by now, with her catchy alt-pop tunes that make you want to dance in your room with your friends. If you don’t already have her on your best playlist, then you will now surely. Maude is also in the works of releasing her debut EP, so we can’t wait to hear that, it’ll surely be fantastic. The future is bright for Maude Latour!

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