Mallory Merk shines on ‘Counterparts’ EP


Superstar Mallory Merk is back and better than ever with her new Counterparts EP. Mallory truly shines through on this EP, which is one of her best works to date. It sees Mallory grow through her music, and really finding herself. Through the six track EP Mallory talks about love, life, loss and her whirlwind year. Each song is brilliantly different but still the signature Mallory Merk sound. Mallory is a genius songwriter, she can take any moment and make it beautiful, with honest and raw lyricism, she is truly one of a kind.

About the EP Merk says; “It’s music for long drives, hot, rainy nights, and getting lost, “Throughout all of the tribulations people have, the way we impact each other affects parts of our selves. The name Counterparts was my way of shining light on the little parts of the universe that exist within us.”


Mallory is a true visionary artist. With each song she releases there’s this sense of raw emotion, you really feel the music, and many can relate to it. That’s what makes her so great. Mallory tells compelling stories through her music. Much of which are on this EP. It’s hard to pick out just one standout track because they are all so incredible in their own way. “Over Sentimental” is the more sultry slow jam of the EP and it opens the EP with a bang. “Devil Laugh” is the more acoustic track of the EP and is about watching people come and go after you feel like you’ve done everything to make them stay, knowing in your heart there’s still love,” says Merk. “Sometimes our good intentions can end up blowing up in our face, but a part of you always wishes you won’t stay apart forever.” Previously released single “evol” (loved spelled backwards) is another stellar song that feels like a dream. “Sinister” is a fun groovy one that really showcases Mallory’s vocals. “Just Because”  featuring raw lyrics like “just because i’m smiling don’t mean that i’m happy, if i’m crying don’t mean it’s a bad thing.” “Switchblades” is an amazing way to close out the EP, fully bringing everything together.

Counterparts is everything Mallory Merk is, raw, authentic, creative, and down to earth. Mallory truly knew what she was doing with this one. She is truly glowing with this release and we can’t wait to hear whatever else she has in mind for the future, it will surely be amazing!

Listen to Counterparts here

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