Night 2 of YUNGBLUD’s residency in London saw first glimpses of full capacity shows


photos and article by Millie Hudson

“It’ll be alright – we’re in a weird time of life”

Night 2 of YUNGBLUD’s five-night residency at O2 Forum Kentish Town, London, saw the first glimpses of normality for so many as full capacity shows start to make a return in the UK, weeks after all restrictions were dropped.

YUNGBLUD (whose full name is Dominic Harrison) began his Occupy The UK Tour just four days ago in Nottingham and has already taken the country by storm. Starting the show with a dramatic curtain drop, fans go wild as “Strawberry Lipstick” begins to play. The upbeat guitar riffs immediately get the crowd jumping up and down. The catchy chorus chants “take it easy, take it easy girl. Take it easy, take it easy on me” – not one person in the venue is silent as there’s an uproar of clapping and cheering. You can tell from this moment why these shows are a sell-out. Who wouldn’t want to experience this?

The next couple songs include “parents” and “superdeadfriends” which are both releases from his second album Weird!, released at the end of 2020. He then plays a few of his older songs “I Love You, Will You Marry Me?” and “Anarchist” – two songs that the crowd know word for word, due to being releases from his first album 21st Century Liability, released back in 2018. Singing from the tops of their lungs, the crowd jump around in a few of the many mosh pits made throughout the night. YUNGBLUD then gives the crowd a chance to breathe as he sings “mars” a song very personal to many individuals in the crowd. The song is about a transgender fan YUNGBLUD met, whose parents weren’t accepting of her identity, but through taking them to a concert and them getting to see the amazing community he has, they began to accept her for who she is. YUNGBLUD is very passionate about anyone being able to be who they truly are, repeating this throughout the night.

The night is all running smoothly, the next song being “weird!” before singing unreleased track “fleabag”. The devoted fans knowing the words, chanting “I’m just a fleabag, nobody loves me” back to YUNGBLUD who is teaching the crowd the chorus, keeping them engaged – and it works. After the night ended, the fans swarmed the streets as Harrison climbs upon a post, recording the crowd singing the new song to him.

The rest of the songs followed include: “ice cream man”, hit single “Loner”, “casual sabotage”, “love song”, “I Think I’m OKAY” and “god save me, but don’t drown me out”. YUNGBLUD then leaves the stage momentarily before the encore commences. The crowd chanting “one more song” until eventually the band, YUNGBLUD and Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon run out. The crowd unaware of this huge surprise until this very moment. Screams erupted before the heavy riffs of their song “OBEY start up. Phones pop up throughout the venue as this moment grabs every person’s attention. This is the first time this song has been played to an audience, and what better place to do it than in the capital city on a Tuesday night. Huge pits open up on the floor, not a single body stood still, the energy: completely electric. Goosebumps – this atmosphere was so special and truly a great return for live music. This was worth every moment of waiting.

The final two songs were “charity” and “Machine Gun (F**k the NRA)” which ended the night in such a high. The crowd packed like sardines before the entire floor erupted into one huge final mosh pit for the last moment of the night. Drinks thrown into the air, lights flashing, screams of joy and chanting for more. Before you know it, the lights are back on and the show is over. I have no doubt if you went to all five shows you would have the time of your life each time and not get tired. This show was phenomenal and the love/excitement in the atmosphere proves just that.

YUNGBLUD is touring again in September / October 2021 for the Life on Mars Tour, with the London show at the iconic Alexandra Palace. Tickets for the tour are on sale now!


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