Top 5 must see artists at this year’s Moon River Festival in Chattanooga, TN


As we get closer to Chattanooga’s sold-out Moon River Festival on September 11 & 12, it’s important to think about which bands are a must-see at the event. The riverfront festival has over 20 performances from diverse artists. From Wilco to COIN, the lineup has plenty of amazing acts to choose from. Keep reading to learn more about five bands that we think are Ones to Watch. 


#1 Band: Hippo Campus
Similar Artists: Bad Suns, Young the Giant, Wallows
Listen: “Buttercup”, “Bambi”, “Honestly”

Hippo Campus is a Minnesota native band that was formed in 2013 among a group of high school friends. Their youthful and catchy alt-pop tunes boast meaningful lyrics and intricate guitar riffs. The band’s debut album Landmark was released in 2017 and had several fan-favorite songs such as ‘Way it Goes’ and ‘Buttercup’. Their upcoming highly anticipated EP ‘Good Dog, Bad Dream’ is set to release on August 6th, just ahead of the festival.

#2 Band: COIN
Similar Artists: Vinyl Theatre, Colony House, DREAMERS
Listen: “Talk Too Much”, “Holy Ghost”, “Let It All Out (10:05)”

COIN is a Nashville alt-pop band formed in 2012. The trio writes energetic dreamy tunes that make you want to scream their lyrics from a rooftop. The band’s debut self-titled album had hit song ‘Run’ as well as other underrated songs such as ‘Holy Ghost’. Their latest album ‘Rainbow Mixtape’ released in April 2021 and has songs such as ‘Sort it Out’ and ‘Hypnotica’ which are sure to be amazing live performances.

#3 Band: Dr. Dog
Similar Artists: Delta Spirit, Deer Tick, My Morning Jacket
Listen: “Where’d All the Time Go?”, “Heart It Races”, “The Breeze”

Dr. Dog is a Philadelphia-based indie-psych band. The band uses plenty of vocal harmonies and riffs to create hit songs such as ‘Where’d all the time go?’. Their sound is described as exploratory and unique.

#4 Band: Dawes
Similar Artists: The Avett Brothers, Middle Brother, Jason Isbell
Listen: “When My Time Comes”, “All Your Favorite Bands”, “Things Happen”

The Los Angeles formed Dawes is an indie rock band utilizing a vintage sound. Inspired by acoustic riffs and vocal harmonies of artists such as Joni Mitchell, the band produces a rich Americana sound.

#5 Band: Mipso
Similar Artists: Mandolin Orange, Watchhouse, Della Mae
Listen: “People Change”, “Louise”, “Marianne”

Mipso is a chart-topping bluegrass band formed in 2010 in North Carolina. Inspired by early country, jazz, bluegrass, and folk, the band has created several wonderful albums such as Long, Long Gone.

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket to Moon River Festival, don’t miss these five amazing artists.

Follow the Bands:
Hippo Campus // @thehalocline
Dr. Dog // @Drdog
Dawes // @Dawestheband
Mipso // @mipsomusic


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