Work Party announces debut album “My Best Days Are Behind Me”


Work Party

Chicago’s brand new post-hardcore/punk band Work Party’s only motto in life is to have more fun than any reputable doctor would recommend. There’s an unwanted stereotype around aggressive music being, well, too aggressive. This music is often taken way too seriously, with the standard uniform of black attire and pictures of the band where a smile hasn’t been found in years. Work Party’s attitude is the opposite. The feel-good group announced their debut album My Best Days Are Behind Me on October 1st via Midwest label Triple Eye Industries.

My Best Days Are Behind Merecorded by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio in Chicago, is an assemblage of ten handcrafted songs that depict Work Party’s strength as a band. There are sounds fused from the 60s and 70s intertwined with pop tendencies constituting Chicago’s native signature sonic landscape. Inspired by hardcore bands like Black Flag and Circle Jerks, this album covers grounds yet to be discovered.

Composed of former members of Grant Craig, Tristan and Justin Widloe, and Brandon Syph, the album’s lead single “Drunk Conference Call” offers a glimpse into the personalities that reside behind each band member. Its humorously-laced animated music video also dropped directed by London-based artist Dimitris Armenakis and portrayed someone who may have taken an extra-long boozy lunch break… Awkward. “Drunk Conference Call” is simply a replication of zoom meetings we’ve all had the past year in 2020; perhaps a little too relatable.

My Best Days Are Behind Me Tracklist

  1. “Drunk Conference Call”
  2. “Average White Man”
  3. “Real Charmer”
  4. “NFG”
  5. “Pure Michigan”
  6. “Nice Penis”
  7. “Homeowner”
  8. “Divorced Falconer”
  9. “Crawl Home”
  10. “Stay out of the Woods”

Keep up with Work Party: Website // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook


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