BXB LOVE is okay with not fitting in on “Losers”


Everybody has their quirks.  Sometimes, these quirks make us feel insecure, convincing us that our kind of “different” is not the “right kind of different.”  When that happens, it is easy to shut down and hide from the world.  But, there is no reason to hide or feel ashamed – does anybody really have it all together?

Always shedding light on what it means to be a “20-something in the year 20-something,” BXB LOVE celebrates her flaws with “Losers.”  The third single for the alt-rock artist, “Losers” is about how liberating it feels to not hold yourself to high standards.  BXB LOVE sings, “I used to wanna be a star / Play the world on my guitar / Trying hard to fit in,” and ”When every day gets you lost / You never know what the hell you want / They’ve got us rushing round anxious,” defining just how exhausting it is to be “perfect” and exactly what society wants you to be.  A sense of comfort and acceptance comes through in the chorus, when BXB LOVE proudly sings, “We’re all f**king losers / But we’re cool with it / We don’t give a s**t,” convincing us that it is okay to do our own thing.

When touching on the process of creating “Losers,” BXB LOVE shared, “There was no goal or destination in mind, only a shared commitment to be in the present, in the process and following the joy, the excitement, and the inspiration.”  This untroubled spirit shines in the light accompaniment, straightforward melodies, and graceful attitude that BXB LOVE uses in her delivery of the lyrics.  It is impossible to tell that such a breezy song was created right before Covid-19 shook the world.

“Losers” joins BXB LOVE’s previous singles, “matrix” and “IGNORANCE SONG,” which shine a light on her journey and mission to help everyone feel more at ease in this world.  As long as BXB LOVE continues to push boundaries, stray from the norm, and speak her truth, there is no limit to what she can achieve with her music.

You can listen to “Losers” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with BXB LOVE:  Instagram // Twitter // TikTok



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