Liv Ritchie is making waves with her authentically emotional music


Up and coming LA based artist Liv Ritchie is making waves with her authentically emotional music. She is a stellar songwriter who tells compelling stories through her music, stories that many can resonate with, which makes her a force to be reckoned with.  Through the use of deep and light vocals, she seamlessly fuses her nostalgic melodies and beats with the honesty in her lyrics.

Liv’s latest release “Wake Up” is a dreamy track that in fact is about waking up from a dream where her ex was back in her life, as if they fixed all of their problems and were back together, everything was good, until Liv woke up from that dream. Upon waking up from that dream Liv realized that it was more of a nightmare than a dream, and it really hit her. She mentioned how the dream felt like going through the breakup again, which isn’t fun. She wrote down what the dream had felt like and waking up after it, thus turning it into the song “Wake Up”. This new release is a brilliant one, and one many can resonate with. It has a dream like atmosphere to it in the instrumentals and her velvety smooth vocals, which really make the song that much better. The whole idea around the song and how Liv hopes it’s perceived is to find comfort in letting go of people and scenarios that our minds make up.

“Wake Up” is also one of the latest singles off of her debut EP which is set to come out later this summer, we’re sure it will be filled with amazing music! The upcoming is a deeper dive into 24 consecutive hours as she navigates a relationship that has reached a crossroad. She ended up working with vocal coach Raab Stevenson (JustinTimberlake, Rihanna, Charlie Puth, Pharrell, Sza) and co-writer KenyonDixon (Justin Timberlake), Her debut EP sheds light on the joys and hardships that come with life and relationships, which pretty much everyone can relate to. Liv has also released other stellar songs like “Paper Doll“, and “OVER”.

Not only is Liv planning to release a stellar debut album, but she has also been cast in an upcoming film starring Nicholas Hoult and Shailene Woodly. Liv is a true artist who is not afraid to be her authentic self, and that’s what makes her so great. She is only on the rise from here on out, and we can’t wait to see her growth in the music industry!

Be sure to listen to Liv’s latest single “Wake Up”, and watch the accompanying music video below!


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