Cavetown releases emotional new EP ‘Man’s Best Friend’


Recommended Tracks: “Sharpener” “Idea of Her”, and “Guilty”
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U.K’s powerhouse singer/songwriter Cavetown is here with his new emotionally driven EP Man’s Best Friend. You’re going to feel as if you’re floating on cloud nine while listening to this, as Robbie creates a dreamlike atmosphere in this new EP. It follows up his previous release of the Sleepyhead (extras), and will leave you feeling even more emotional than before.

Man’s Best Friend incorporates Robbie’s signature songwriting skills and ability to make each song different but still have the same emotional quality that he is known for. His ability to make a story out of every song he writes and having it make you feel like you are living through it is his specialty. That’s why so many people resonate with his music and adore Robbie as a person.

Throughout the EP Robbie is raw and authentically himself, talking about things most would shy away from talking about openly in a song. “Even though it can be scary to talk about certain things, I just have to remember those moments when people have told me that a song of mine has helped them,” Robbie says. “The idea that my music can help someone else get through a difficult time is always so uplifting to me.”

The EP features 7 songs in total, each different in their own way, with bursts of emotional lyrics and instrumentation. Stand out tracks include “Idea of Her” which sees Robbie talking about a person he longs for, so much that it’s hard to even say the person’s name. “Guilty” is another standout track which is a somber one with Robbie talking about feeling guilty about situations no matter what he does. Each track on the EP is equally raw and beautiful and Robbie really hit it out of the park with this release. It shows his growth and ability to keep releasing hit after hit. He is only going up from here on out, and we can’t wait to hear more from him!

Later this year, Cavetown will be hitting the road, launching a UK tour and playing a number of festivals including Lollapalooza and Ohana Festival, be sure to go see him live, you won’t want to miss out. 

Listen to Man’s Best Friend on your favorite streaming service, here!

Watch the video for “Ur Gonna Wish U Believed Me” below:

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