Amiri Khaalid embraces the unconventional in “Brown Eyes”


There are times in life when we get caught up in our own pursuits and find ourselves deciding whether we should stick with what we know or venture towards new opportunities.  Do we follow our passions, even if they are unconventional?  What if the people around us do not fully understand our choices?  For experimental hip-hop artist, Amiri Khaalid, there is no question as to whether or not he is doing the right thing – even if others convince him otherwise.

Amiri’s new single, “Brown Eyes,” is all about going after something you want, even if you are not fully sure what it is or where it leads.  He shares, “’Brown Eyes’ is about letting go of everything society tells you is ‘normal’ or ‘okay.’  It’s about chasing something that logic and reason can’t explain, but makes perfect sense in your heart or spirit.”

We fully feel this sentiment in every line of the track, as Amiri entertains the idea of sticking with someone he loves, even though this person’s intentions are not all clear.  Fervently, Amiri sings, “If you show me your fangs / I promise I won’t run away / I’m not afraid to die / I’m scared to live without you in my life,” showing that he will not be easily derailed.  Even though Amiri does not know what he is in for, he is still ready to commit and take a chance with this person – not doing so just feels wrong.

As the music swells and deflates over the course of the track, Amiri keeps a cool head, never letting his tone or delivery rise in intensity.  There is a slight feeling of insanity that comes through the track, over the steady drum beat, flickering rhythm, and clash of sound that plays on around the lyrics.  Overall, though, the creativity and experimentation embedded in “Brown Eyes” is enough to keep listeners hooked, and ready to take in the commotion again and again.

You can listen to “Brown Eyes” here.

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