Carry the Day host crazy pool party in video for “Backup Plan”


Temperatures are heating up, bathing suits are coming out, and backyard BBQs are in full swing, which means that summer 2021 is here.  Whether we stay home or take a weeks-long vacation halfway across the country, we will need plenty of new summer music to set the mood.  Sure enough, Carry the Day has got us covered in the alternative rock category, with a new jam to inspire us to take chances and seize new opportunities this summer.

On “Backup Plan,” the guys bring us their signature sound in the form of high-energy guitar riffs, dynamic melodies, and rousing choruses.  Lead vocalist, Chris Huynh, takes the reins as he describes how important it is to take control of his life and do what he wants, even if others try to get in his way.  Earnestly, he sings, “You got one life / You got one shot / So take the chance,” reminding us that now is our time – we do not know what tomorrow could bring.

Carry the Day’s music video for the track expands on the notion of living in the moment, as we see the guys throw a summer pool party.  One by one, the band’s friends pile into the pool, along with a keg, some beach balls, and the pizza guy!  Before long, the guys join in on the fun, jumping into the pool with their guitars and bass in hand.  With the vibrant colors, the smiles, and the crisp look of the water, the FOMO is real.  You can check it out below.

You can listen to “Backup Plan” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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