sad alex gets tattoo while singing new single “until”


LA-based artist singer-songwriter sad alex has released her new single “until.” The new single is driven by piano chords and electro-pop production and finds sad alex reflecting on memories from previous lovers.

Following her previous release “california queen” and “i’m glad that you found someone” featuring gnash, “until” has more than 5 million streams to date and is definitely paving the way for more music this year.

“I think every time you truly fall in love with someone, it changes you a little bit. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. It’s like an essential little piece of you stays lodged inside them until you’re able to regrow it or learn to live without it,” says sad alex of the release. “You over-analyze, over-romanticize, compare and contrast, and for me that is what this song is. It’s actually not about one specific person but every person that I feel like has taught or taken from me along the way. It was cathartic to write through that on my own, and also really rewarding to produce by myself. Maybe through that I regrew a little something that I needed back.”

In addition of her release of “until” sad alex launched some temporary tattoos for fans who pre-saved the single and even performed the single live while getting the real version of the tattoo inked permanently on her arm.

The audio for “until” can be found on youtube and the live, acoustic version of the single can be seen below:

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