Lukas Graham shares emotional new song “Happy For You”


Lukas Graham is happy for you in his new emotional single. Lukas is kicking off a new era of music with his first release in 2021 with “Happy For You”, a powerful anthem for the broken hearted. It’s a song that will leave you with tears in your eyes. Lukas’ music is beautifully emotional, and will always leave you in awe. This song is for the ones who got left behind in a relationship, the one’s who got their heart broken and are left with the pieces.

More on the single, Lukas shared, “It’s a song about the terrible ‘what if the worst came to pass, and we weren’t together. I’d want you to be happy whatever that entails, and if I didn’t want you to be happy, then was it ever real love? Or, was it just infatuation and desire? ‘Happy For You attempts to narrate the broken-heartedness of the breakup, acknowledging the difficulties and the struggle of the one ‘left behind’.”
It’s a song many can relate to and one of Lukas’ best works to date. From the compelling piano, to Lukas’ beautiful vocals, this song is a masterpiece. Lukas teamed up with multi-GRAMMY® Award-nominated and BRIT Award-winning production trio TMS—notable for producing Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved” .
Check out the chilling lyric video for “Happy For You” below, and be on the lookout for more from Lukas Graham in 2021, including a new album!

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