Olivia Morreale dreams about an intergalactic paradise on ‘Another Moon’


If there is anyone out there who could make a trip to the moon sound romantic and peaceful, it is Olivia Morreale.  For her latest single, “Another Moon,” the LA-based singer and producer uses the idea of living somewhere far away and desolate as comforting, instead of isolated and cold.  Naturally, the moon does not seem like the ideal destination, but with the right words and the right music, all of us might consider making the trip.

Pulling from jazz and pop, Olivia expertly crafts a slow-burning, R&B track that sets the mood for her dreamy oasis.  The mellow riffs from the electric guitar, the casual driving rhythm in the back, and Olivia’s gentle vocals smoothly guide us into space, to another moon.  Olivia sings, “Come lay right next to me in space” and “Don’t let this moment go to waste,” encouraging us to take a chance and get lost in the stars.  Olivia’s co-collaborator, Eli Kosoff, lends his tender vocals to the bridge of the track, further lulling us into oblivion.

About the track, Olivia mentioned, “I wanted to portray the joy and fun that comes with imagining how things might look and feel in a completely different dream world.  It’s an ode to escapism and a celebration of imagination.”  Olivia has undoubtedly achieved her goals.

“Another Moon” is the third and final single from Olivia’s upcoming EP, Space Dreams.  You can listen to it here.

Keep up with Olivia Morreale:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Website


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