Dog Trainer releases new EP ‘Scrolling to Feel Better.. Part One’



New York band Dog Trainer which consists of singer/songwriter/producer Nick Broman (25) and guitarist/songwriter/producer Lucas del Calvo (26) are back with a brilliant release in their new EP “Scrolling to Feel Better.. Part One”. They began to work on the record just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, forcing them to create together in an unprecedented way. Separated by hundreds of miles—Broman working from his NYC apartment, and del Calvo working from the basement laundry room of an Airbnb his parents had rented in Vermont, they somehow made it work and made an incredible album.

Both Broman and del Calvo first met as rival jazz guitarists at their college, the New School for Jazz, but ultimately became equally distanced from the genre and obsessed instead with the intimate folk genre. With this new EP they pull together many influences from their signature sound, which makes the EP just that much better. They found their voice by drawing lyrics entirely from their lived experiences—the good and the bad, the interesting and the mundane.

“I think one thing we really strived for on this album was to be more honest about ourselves and the way we feel about our lives and music careers,” Broman explains. “Some of that is really positive, like the stability of both of our relationships and appreciating the way every moment has led us to our partners. And some of it is really negative, like dealing with a struggling DIY music career while getting older.”

Its a truly authentic and raw EP that is personal to Dog Trainer. They touch on subjects of growing up and the anxieties that come with it, as well as relationships in our lives and dealing with the feelings that come with those, along with the toxicity of social media and its influence on us all. It’s an EP that we can all relate to in some way or another. Dog Trainer do a great job at telling compelling and authentic stories through their music, and thats what makes them so great. On Scrolling to feel better… part one, Dog Trainer are no longer trying to convince anyone of anything. They’re trading “fronting” for the truth and placing value on the things that really matter, offering a capsule of their personalities that’s been molded into place by every late-night thought, career aspiration or struggle, feeling of love, appreciation, and self-doubt. It’s a brilliant work of art and we can’t wait to hear what Dog Trainer come up with next!



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