MyKey Releases New Single ‘Sweet Tooth’



Rising singer/songwriter, producer, and all around nice guy MyKey is back with a new single “Sweet Tooth”. MyKey first got his start in music by growing up in Maryland, working in a recording studio and touring and performing with various groups. It was in 2017 when he released his independent EP Faces, featuring tracks “Monsters in the Dark,” “Untitled Unloved,” and “Maybe I Was the One,” that ultimately propelled him to his signing with Warner Records last year. MyKey is quirky and does things his own way. And that’s why he’s so like-able. The music speaks for itself. It’s brilliant and authentic. He makes everything his own and puts a twist on everything he makes. He plays multiple instruments, produces, engineers, as well as making and directing his own videos, including stop motion in them. He is a guy of many talents who is quickly on the rise.

This new release with “Sweet Tooth” is one of his more stellar works to date. It flows with a lush indie vibe and warm vocals. Definitely a song you would want to immediately add to your next playlist. In the past he has worked with Cavetown on “Was it Something I Said” which was a brilliant collab. His song “Please Don’t Go” was his Warner Records debut. Now MyKey has garnered over 25 million streams and this new single is only one of many more to come this year. And we can’t wait to see what else MyKey has in store for new music this year!

Be sure to go listen to “Sweet Tooth” below!


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