ALBUM REVIEW: Moon Taxi // Silver Dream


Recommended Tracks:  Keep It Together, Live For It, Say
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Last year may not have been the greatest, but Moon Taxi was more than ready to use it as a source of inspiration for new music.  Determined to drive away some of the more dismal parts of 2020, the alt-rock band released songs with fervent messages of encouragement and positivity, such as “Hometown Heroes” and “Light Up.”  These tracks resonated with vast amounts of fans, who took these messages to heart and soaked up their anthemic vibes.  After seeing such great response to their music, Moon Taxi is now ready to share their fifth studio album, Silver Dream, which shines an even brighter light on these optimistic narratives.

The album opens with the burst of sunshine that is “Palm of Your Hand,” which captures the irie that comes through when you meet your match.  As you listen to the buoyant riffs and bright melodies, images of sandy beaches, tropical plants, and sprawling oceans come to mind.  We are ready to escape into the warmth that Moon Taxi brings forth on this track, and embrace the type of love that frontman Trevor Terndrup so fondly describes.

Moving forward, it becomes evident that Silver Dream is all about the journey.  There are the tracks that celebrate how far we have already come on this journey, such as “Live For It” and “The Beginning.”  With “Live For It,” you feel encouraged to drop whatever you are working on and seize the moment; the energy coming forward from the rhythmic syncopation is too irresistible to ignore.  Meanwhile, “The Beginning” is all about appreciating the chance to move forward.  We are reminded that even if change is scary, it is almost necessary – we cannot stay in one place forever.

Along with these tracks that focus on steps we have already taken on our journey, there are the tracks that focus on the steps we still need to make.  To do so, we have the tracks that will encourage us to put our best foot forward, such as “Lions” and “Say.”  On “Lions,” Trevor describes what it means to be fearless, singing, “Keep going / When everybody else stops / Keep trying / ‘Till we have no fear like lions.”  The concept of fearlessness is also present on “Say,” but in a more direct way.  The heavy downbeats and jubilant exclamations of “Say!” drive home the message of speaking up for yourself and never feeling like who you are is not enough.

As our journey winds down, we are met with the title track.  Naturally, you would assume that the title track would carry the essence of the album, referencing lyrics or motifs that show what the album is all about – especially if it is a closing track.  However, with “Silver Dream,” we are given a very brief instrumental.  The track almost plays out like a jam session, sustaining in rhythm and melody.  We wait for the lyrics to come, only to realize that the moment is unlikely.  Suddenly, we reach the end of the track, and ultimately, the end of the album.  Did we just hallucinate?  Was this all a dream?

Overall, Moon Taxi has given us a very charming album.  Its messages are timeless and, after such a tumultuous year, extremely essential.  The tracks are grounded and wholesome, but there is a freshness to them that makes them modern and engaging.  I patiently wait for the day when concerts return, so that we can hear Silver Dream in a live setting and experience a more tangible version of the world it creates.

You can listen to Silver Dream on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Moon Taxi:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Website


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