COMANAVAGO Bring the Party to Life with ‘Sad Music’ Remix


It has been a busy year for indie pop artist, Jessica Winter, and electronic music duo, COMANAVAGO.  Both artists released new music this year, with Jessica dropping her debut EP over the summer and COMANAVAGO dropping their debut LP in the fall.  While these artists have had separate journeys in their careers so far, the worlds that they have created with their songs are within the same universe.  It was only a matter of time before Jessica and COMANAVAGO joined forces to give us something that would shake us to our core.

Crossing different wires that compose Jessica’s “Sad Music,” COMANAVAGO (pronounced as ‘come and have a go’) generate a current that gives the track a fresh vibe.  Before, the track resembled a wallflower at a party, watching the fun unfold from a distance; its playful tone and splashes of synth riffs suggested that it wanted to be a carefree club jam, but its melancholy lyrics prevented it from fully letting go.  After COMANAVAGO joined the party, though, “Sad Music” was ready to bust a move.

The remix incorporates the crying dance or “crance” feel of the original, but enlivens its spirit with a tighter production and additional vocals by COMANAVAGO.  Jessica mentioned that the original track was “born out of a particularly bad day and how music was a savior at that time;” when you listen to this remix, you feel as if this message still holds true.  The shimmering beats and high energy rhythms of the remix offset the crying dance mood, bringing us a classic UK garage-style track that transports us to a simpler time.  You can check it out below.

While we wait for more music from these two creative forces, you can listen to “Sad Music (Comanavago Remix)” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with COMANAVAGO:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // SoundCloud

Keep up with Jessica Winter:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Website // SoundCloud


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