Matt Mays Releases Adorable New Video For His Song ‘Talking To The Sky’



Powerhouse singer/songwriter Matt Mays is back with an adorable new video for his stellar song “Talking To The Sky” from his album Dog City. Matt just released Dog City right after the pandemic hit.He recorded it in his garage where he set up a studio where he self produced it as well. While his other works like Coyote, and Once Upon a Hell of a Time, were brilliant works this album takes on a whole new unique approach and one that is so heartwarming. Dog City was written from the perspective of a rescue dog. Mays described the songs as “about pure freedom, love, contentment, companionship and all the stuff in between.

The video for “Talking To The Sky” is equally adorable and emotional. The song (I hope) reflects all the mixed feelings we all have these days, and we wanted the video to evoke the same but introduce that glimmer of light at the end of the beach that everyone deserves to see again soon.” The video takes the perspective of Matt’s dog Rhuby and really does a fantastic job at capturing the cabin fever we are all experiencing and the emotions that come along with it all. The video, which was made in collaboration with July Talk’s Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis, Rhuby dreams of how things used to be, frolicking and playing with her human. It will sure to bring tears to your eyes when you watch and listen. Be sure to check it out below!


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