Mulholland Blond Tugs on Our Heartstrings with ‘Stay’


From illusory relationships to post-breakup blues, Mulholland Blond has dished on the more emotional aspects of love this year.  But, the year is not over yet – and neither is the heartache.

On his last single of the year, Mulholland Blond takes an intimate experience and transforms it into a tender love story.  The Sydney-based artist explains, “‘Stay’ was written after I almost lost someone very close to me.  It was a tough time, and writing about the experience proved cathartic.  Although the song has its own connotations in line with my experience, I wanted it to be universally relatable.”  Mulholland Blond definitely achieves this through his highly visual and abstract lyrics.

On the silky pop ballad, Mulholland Blond paints vivid pictures of standing out in the rain, racing against time, and staying up until sunrise.  The track plays out like the ending of a classic 80s teen movie, and the all-too-familiar feelings of love, loss, and hope rise to the surface.  As you listen to “Stay,” you become fully immersed in the engaging interplay happening with the guitar, drums, and bass, and consume the narrative they help establish.  Will everything be okay?  You can find out below.

As we wait for more music from Mulholland Blond in 2021, you can check out “Stay” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Mulholland Blond:  Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // Soundcloud


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