Maggie Lindemann is in Good Company on ‘Loner’


She may be alone, but she is not lonely.

After a year full of cancelled events, business closures, and social distancing, many of us have found ourselves more alone than ever.  Instead of inviting a group of friends over to hang out or showing up to a big family gathering, we have been taking a step back to protect others and ourselves.  While the social distancing and the quarantining is done with everyone’s best interests in mind, there are times when it definitely feels like our own health and wellbeing suffers.  Yet, if there is one artist who can make this process feel a little less solitary, it is Maggie Lindemann.

On “Loner,” Maggie fully embraces the notion of being alone.  The track opens with an engaging rhythmic guitar riff, putting us in a relaxed trance.  We gather that being a loner is a very empty existence, as Maggie sings about avoiding her problems and numbing her feelings.  All the while, the music fills out and takes on an alt-rock quality, setting us up for another creative Maggie track.

In the celebratory chorus, we hear how living in your own bubble is actually not as pitiful an experience as it is believed to be.  Maggie boldly sings, “I’m a loner, and I like it that way,” making us envy her confidence.  In the end, it can be extremely liberating to do your own thing and not worry about validating your actions to anyone.  We should not fear the idea of having more alone time – it might be the change we need.

With “Loner,” Maggie brings her 2020 to a close, but we have so much more to look forward to from the artist in 2021.  For a start, Maggie will be dropping her Paranoia EP on January 22.  You can pre-order it here.

Keep up with Maggie Lindemann:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Website


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