Christian Leave Releases Groovy New Single ‘Bedache’



Tennessee based singer/songwriter Christian Leave is back with a groovy new single “Bedache” . Christian grew up in Tennessee and started writing his own songs in 2015. Much like teenagers today, he got his start on apps like Vine and TikTok, where he was making content and discovering more about himself and who he wanted to be. He caught the attention of a lot of people through there, even including Tyler The Creator, and Kevin Abstract, who loved his work and his genuine personality. Flash-forward to now, Christian is 20 and writing and producing music from his bedroom. He’s creating music that is vulnerable and through his experiences of growing up too fast,  something a lot of us can relate to, especially those in the music industry.

Christian has seen immense success in the wild year that is 2020. His song “No Use” reached 2.2 million Spotify streams, while having multiple publications like American Songwriter, and office praise his work. Now he is back again with “Bedache” which is such a groovy tune filled with clean guitar riffs, a catchy melody, and lyrics that really grab your attention. “All this thinking hurts my head. All this thinking makes me want to drop dead.” The lyrics are authentic and dark. Christian touches on the subject of growing up too fast, and being caught in the whirlwind of it all. “Time is moving faster as the days go I wish I could give up and just sleep in my bed”. The lyrics really hit home on this track and it’s something a lot of us, especially teenagers coming of age can relate to. Everything is just moving too fast and it’s hard to warp your head around. Christian does a stellar job at capturing the meaning of the song. He is a powerhouse musician who writes infectious melodies and captivating lyrics. He is surely going to take the world by storm. We can’t wait to hear more from him when his forthcoming EP releases in early 2021!


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