Emily Weisband Releases New EP ‘Not Afraid To Say Goodbye’



Nashville singer-songwriter is back with a stellar new release in her new EP Not Afraid To Say Goodbye. She affirms that she is the fearless voice of pop and that is evident on this EP. The EP consists of four tracks, each very unique and authentic. The EP highlights her confessional lyrics, intimate instrumentation, and nuanced storytelling. Emily has always been writing for other artists like Halsey, and Camilla Cabello, but now she is writing for herself and gets to tell her story.

Her debut EP Identity Crisis was a success and earned her a ton of praise from the likes of Elle, Billboard, and Entertainment Weekly. If you thought that EP was good then you are not prepared for what’s in store on this new EP.

“The Way I Say Goodbye”  she visualizes the exact breaking point of a relationship. Over stark piano and sparse acoustic guitar, she urges, “If you couldn’t feel my love in the way I said ‘Forever’…then I hope you feel my love in the way I say goodbye.”Meanwhile, coy production gives way to a flirty refrain on the finale “You’re Cool.” Barely letting her guard down, she
sings, “You’re cool, but you’re still a stranger.” “Dumber” and “Out of This Car” were previously released as singles and are the standout tracks from the EP. The EP as a whole is emotional, raw, and authentic, and one of Emily’s best work to date. It truly proves why she is a superstar songwriter and the world isn’t ready for what she has in store.


Check out the video released for “The Way I Say Goodbye” below!



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