Sofia Valdes Releases Stellar New Song ‘Handful of Water’


Panamanian singer/songwriter Sofía Valdés is back and unveils lush new song “Handful of Water,” the latest taste of her forthcoming Ventura EP coming early next year on Warner Records. “Handful of Water” is a brilliant track that has lyrics that sometimes drift into Spanish, which is something unintentional that Sofia decided to keep in the final version. She wanted to show recognition of her multi-cultural musical heritage.

Sofia is fresh off of her debut single “Little Did I Know” which is the debut track off of Ventura. She co-produced the song and it is a brilliant wort of art, especially for a debut single. Although only just releasing her debut single, Sofia has always had the music in her. Ever since she was 8 music has been in her blood. Ever since she picked up the guitar she has been making music that is honest and authentic to her. Sofía explains, “The deeper I get into working on my music, the more I realize how much it’s connected to the music that people in my family were making a long time ago. Now I want everyone to know that my culture is amazing, that I’m so proud of it, and that everyone else should be proud of their culture too.”

Now set to release her new single off of her debut album Ventura Sofia is ready to take the world by storm. “Handful of Water” is an amazing song that features Sofia’s culture in it. It also features a gorgeous self shot music video that was filmed in Hawaii. Check out the video below. Sofia is a force to be reckoned with and we can’t wait to see what she has in store!


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