Claire Rosinkranz Teams Up with Jeremy Zucker in ‘Backyard Boy’ Remix


Over the past couple of months, Claire Rosinkranz has found much success with her song, “Backyard Boy.”  The lighthearted, upbeat tune has made its way into viral videos, radio rotations, and notable pop playlists, making Claire an artist to watch.  Why is this track so irresistible?  It might have something to do with the catchy melodies or the way the lyrics paint a scene full of simple splendors.  But just when we thought the song could not get any better, Claire invited another character to her backyard dance party.

Fresh off the release of his latest jam, “supercuts,” Jeremy Zucker has found himself in need of a getaway.  The indie pop artist takes over the second verse of “Backyard Boy,” hoping to find a little bit of joy in Claire’s backyard.  Jeremy sings in the same style of the track, “Damn it feels nice with the sun in my eyes / And I swear on my life that I’m not gonna cry / ‘Til I feel the fresh air / And I feel your eyes stare,” invoking its carefree nature.  Jeremy definitely completes the track and adds a fresh spin to its familiar tale, which is all you could want in a collab.

Both artists did not really need the exposure, but it is always exciting when creative forces can come together to make something unique and memorable.  If you were not into the track before, maybe Jeremy was what you needed.  If not, maybe the two will come together again to make something even better.  For now, you can check out the track below and take in its new vibes.

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