Conor Matthews Releases Brilliant New Single ‘How Many Times Can a Heart Break?’


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Conor Matthews is a force to be reckoned with and he is proving that with his new release in “How Many Times Can a Heart Break?” Conor is coming off of his recent EP release Heartbreak in The Hills which is about well.. you name it, heartbreak! It’s a brilliant EP that really showcases Conor’s versatility.  “I wanted to showcase the parts of a breakup that can be exciting and fun, because you’re casting off weights you didn’t know you had and embracing life to the fullest–meeting new people, new friends, and lots of new experiences,” he explains. “I was having the time of my life, post a toxic three-year relationship. To me, it felt like what a summer breakup feels like. Half of my heart was bleeding, but the other half was LIT. Rather than telling this like a sad boy, I wanted people to be able to bump this EP. That’s how Conor would describe the story behind the EP. Conor hails from Illinois and attended Belmont University where he would land a publishing deal with Keith Urban and Warner Chappell Music. He kicked started his solo career in 2018 with his Nashville style storytelling and stellar lyrics and vocals. He would then sign to Warner Records and release his 2020 EP Balloons which features popular single “Older” which has over 2.2 million streams.


Conor is now set to release his new single “How Many Times Can a Heart Break?”  Heartbreak In The Hills was all about the life of the party, this one reflects on when the music stops. The track itself is a banger, infusing Conor’s charm and R & B influences. He says it’s one of his most vulnerable tracks to date. Conor says it isn’t as much about heartbreak in the sense of falling in love as it
is about battling depression and facing myself in the mirror. “It’s a song I started just under a year ago after thinking about all the mistakes I’ve made and people I’ve hurt and friends I’ve lost and the failures I’ve had… It felt like everything from my past was catching up with me and overwhelming me at the same time. The song took me about a year to finish
and is probably the most vulnerable song I’ve ever written.”

You can listen to Conor’s new single “How Many Times Can a Heart Break?” here:

Listen Here


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