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Seint Monet is ready for the limelight. The Nashville-based soul-pop artist has been slowly dropping singles over the past few months in preparation for her debut EP Bloom, and it’s finally here to show off an incredibly powerful newcomer to the music industry. These songs are STRONG. It’s really impressive to have an artist show off like this in their debut EP; the highlights for me are in opening track “LBD” which ushers in the listener with soft Imogen Heap-like melodies that turn into something brassier in the chorus, and “Good for Me” that rides a funky breakbeat with horns that envelop you as the song progresses. The EP shows off her incredible versatility and ability to traverse many genres at once. We were fortunate enough to have Seint Monet answer some questions for us regarding this release:


MM: How do you feel about releasing your debut EP in the middle of a pandemic?

It’s definitely a weird feeling. My manager and I went back and forth for a while about whether we should push release back. It felt shallow to be thinking about our career plans in the midst of a worldwide crisis. The conversations we had were not easy and definitely ones that I never expected to be having at the very start of my artist career. With that being said, the team and I have worked extremely hard on this project, and I’m excited for it to finally be released into the world.

MM: How did this set of songs come together?

I had been planning to start releasing at the end of last year, but my gut was telling me to wait just a little longer. So in February, my manager and I hosted a writing retreat for my project. We invited a mix of writers from Nashville, New York, and New Jersey. For four days, all we did was write and eat. Four out of the six songs from that retreat ended up on this upcoming EP. The other two were songs I had been sitting on for a while, waiting for the right time to release.

MM: What is the overall message you want the listener to capture on your EP?

I want people to abandon the idea of genre. Genre is so fluid today that it’s difficult to file a song or album under only one. For this EP, we experimented with so many different styles. I think a lot of artists are afraid of going out of their comfort zone, so they stick to what they know, but I think it’s extremely possible to dip your toes in every genre pool there is while still staying true to your sound and artistry.

Listen to Bloom on Spotify, and check in with Seint Monet’s Instagram to keep in touch with this impressive new artist.



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