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Florida’s own Triple Charm are quickly making a name for themselves and making music that is true to themselves with a message that empowers people all over the world. Triple Charm is the musical trio of sisters Amalia (16), Raena ( 14), and Gabriella (11).   The girls journey began when Amalia had a dream to be on Broadway, which inspired Raena and Gabriella to start singing, and thus the trio was born. They began writing songs together, working on choreography, and making TikTok and Instagram based dance challenges, which has gained them quite a following on social media.
In an era of uncertain times, the positive messages shared by musical trio Triple Charm are a much needed and uplifting battle cry. In 2019 they released their first single “Move On” which is a powerful anthem about self confidence with an energetic beat that makes you just want to get up and dance to it. Co-written by the sisters with pop songwriter ​Heather J. Miley (Selena Gomez, Kelly Clarkson, Jason Derulo) and producer Dan Whittemore (Sebastian Javier, All Time Low, Zedd).  Flashforward to 2020 the girls released another powerful anthem in “Rally Up” which was co-written by the trio with ​Heather J. Miley and Viv Parker, who both produced the song. The song is a female empowerment anthem that features a stellar video with the sisters taking cues from K-pop, including dancers in face masks, a fierce girl squad, lots of camouflage, and declarations that “The Future is Female.” They got to work with an amazing squad of people on the video including Nayip Ramos (director) and choreographed by Ellen Kim (Madison Beer, Tiffany Young and KDA for ​League of Legends​).  The girls continue to make music that is true to themselves and uplifts people, and we definitely need that in times like these.

We recently got the chance to chat with the girls bout quarantine life, the new single and video, and plans for more music, so check it out below!

Hey! Appreciate you taking the time to chat. For those who may not know who you are give us a little background on yourselves.
Hi! I’m Amalia and I’m 16. I’m Raena and I’m 14. I’m Gabriella, I’m 11 and we’re Triple Charm. We are all three sisters and we recently released our second single and music video “Rally Up!”

We’re in some weird times, how has quarantine been treating you? What are some things that have been keeping you sane?
We know quarantine has been tough, but we have actually been able to make it super productive. We’ve been filming a bunch of content, singing, dancing, working on some songwriting and overall just trying to take advantage of this time at home. We’ve been able to grow our social media tremendously, especially our TikTok and Instagram. One thing that’s been crucial to our sanity is our nights when we kick back and watch some good ole Netflix!

Have you been making any new music in this quarantine? If so has the process been any different?
Yes, we have been writing a ton over quarantine! It has been super fun to put our minds together and just create. We’ve been working a lot on new lyrics, melodies, rhythms and piano arrangements. Everything is pretty stripped down but we are hoping to get back into the studio soon.

How would you describe your music in three words?
Pop, motivational and danceable

How was it working with Heather J. Miley and Dan Whittemore on your song “Move On”?
It was amazing! We had so much fun! It was our first time ever in the recording studio and they made it such a great experience. They really helped pull all our ideas together and we loved collaborating with them to bring “Move On” to life.

Both “Move On”, and “Rally Up” are amazing powerful anthems, what are the stories behind those? Did you set out to make them powerful anthems or did that just come to be?
For both songs we knew we wanted to create a strong message that related to how we were feeling at the time and what we knew a lot of our audience could relate to as well. For “Move On” we used the effects of social media, as one of our inspirations. It can be easy to compare yourself to others, so we wanted to make the song all about overcoming self-doubt and realizing you are enough. “Rally Up,” was inspired by the fact that we’re really just starting out in this industry, but we very quickly realized how important it’ll be that we take charge to make our dreams a reality. We wrote that sort of as a reflection of our motivation and readiness to not stop until we reach our goals. We wanted to try and magnify those feeling and create an anthem to inspire girls all around the world to reach their goals and to be unstoppable. In both songs we have a female empowerment message and that has always been something we’ve wanted to use our platform to support and we really made it a point to incorporate that into both songs. As for the anthem like style, we take a lot of influence from K-pop and that heavily beat driven sound sort of came from that and we wanted to make both songs very danceable. All three of us come from a background in dance so that is something important that we wanted to include with each song.

Your music videos are works of art creatively, what’s the process like getting to work with such talented directors and choreographers?
Thank you! The process for creating both music videos for “Move On” and “Rally Up” were amazing. We always have so much fun filming our music videos! The process real just starts with a meeting to share our ideas and concepts, then we turn it over to our amazing creative team. Nayip Ramos was the director for both “Move On” and “Rally Up” and he’s creative vision is absolutely incredible; we love working with him! When it comes to the choreography, we start by creating the full live stage version first and then adapt it to the music video as needed. Rumer Noel was the choreographer for “Move On,” she is super talented, and it was amazing working with her! For “Rally Up,” we worked with Ellen Kim, and had a blast working with her! The choreography has a lot of K-pop inspiration and her creative style and vision for movement was perfect for this song. We grew up as competitive dancers, so learning the group choreography for “Rally Up,” really brought us back to our roots. We had so much fun rehearsing and shooting with all the dancers. Overall, both experiences were absolutely incredible!

Which song or project of yours are you most proud of? 
That’s a really hard question because with each song we’ve definitely evolved, but we’re super proud of them all! We actually have another song on its way, that we are super excited for everyone to hear.

Is there a moment or memory in your life that you always want to hold onto? Or a moment that has taught you a lot? 
We are constantly learning and growing and every moment that has happened in our lives has shaped us into who we are today. There are so many memories we share, it would be hard to describe one, but one of the biggest lessons we have learned is, you are in control of your own destiny and you are the only one that can make it happen for yourself. If you have a goal or dream go for it and don’t stop till you make it and that is something that we are doing each day.

What music have you been jamming to lately? Favorite artists?
We have been listening to a ton of music lately while working out, or just in the car, and one of our favorite artists at the moment is Dua Lipa. She has been putting out a ton of great music lately and we love jamming out to her songs and creating content with them on social media.

Lastly, once this whole quarantine is over, what is one thing you can’t wait to go out and do again? (Thanks again for your time!)
Once quarantine is over we are so excited to get on tour! Right before Covid happened we were planning to go on a nationwide tour and it got postposed. We still are rehearsing and working on our set, so that when quarantine is over we can perform on stage again!

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