Chris Lanzon Releases Stellar New Single ‘Everest’


Having only released his debut EP Melancholy in May, Sydney based 20 year old singer -songwriter Chris Lanzon has made a name for himself and is definitely one to watch. Chris saw immense success in his first EP gaining  streams of more than 400,000 and a dedicated fan base across social media. He is entirely an independent artist who isn’t afraid to break boundaries, and make music that is authentic and tells compelling stories.  The first single “Everest” from his highly anticipated new sophomore project transcends genre and traditional pop structure, the song invites listeners to embark on a unique journey with Chris through the trials of self-doubt and life’s challenges. He wrote, produced, and mixed this track all by himself, as well as creating the artwork and visuals for it. He collaborated with New York based engineer Matthew Agoglia (Gorillaz, Golden Vessel, James Taylor + more) to master the track, and fellow Aussie musician Nick Ward for some additional synth parts. Chris is also currently in the process of creating a music video to go along with the track, and judging by the visuals already it’s bound to be amazing. The song itself is a brilliant one and really showcases Chris’s songwriting with lyrics like “I’m just a lost boy, trying to get my head right, trying just to figure it out”. It really showcases just how authentic  Chris is in his songs and how he isn’t afraid to write how he is really feeling. Instrumentally the song is beautiful, a somber acoustic track that will really tug at your emotions. Towards the end of the song mesmerizing synths and drums come in and things really pick up in pace before slowing down back into just vocals and guitar, leaving you feeling a whole lot of emotions at once.

 “I think this is the most honest and vulnerable song I’ve made so far, yet it sounds really upbeat and invigorating. I love the contrast of those feelings. It’s really about feeling stuck and misunderstood, but I wanted to explore that in a comforting and warm tone,” says Chris.

“Everest” is merely a taste of what’s to come from the rising Australian artist, who plans to release more music before the year’s end. Chris is continuing to pave his way in the music industry and is a multi talented artist who isn’t afraid to break boundaries and is a force to be reckoned with. Listen to Chris’s new single “Everest” below and be sure to check out more of his music!  Spotify


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