John-Robert releases stunning new EP Adeline featuring Kathleen


John-Robert is a brilliant musician way beyond his years. At only 19 he is quickly becoming a rising star. The versatility in his voice is not to be messed with. John comes from a very small town of 1,000 in Edinburg, VA. He grew up in the folk scene and always had dreams of making it big. He got started by making covers of songs at a young age, but it wasn’t until he posted a cover of Chance The Rapper’s “Same Drugs” on Instagram where he would be noticed by Ricky Reed who would later sign him to a record deal with Nice Life and Warner Records. It was then that his career would soon blow up, and it is what he deserves. He is such a versatile artist with such a warm angelic voice that will give you chills.

Just earlier this year John released his brilliant debut EP Bailey Barley Knew Me and if you thought that EP was amazing then you’re in for a treat with the Adeline EP. The new EP just realesed features his hit song “Adeline” in four very unique versions. He first released the song last year and a beautiful music video accompanied it which you can see for yourself here:  Adeline

The song itself alone is so hauntingly beautiful and John’s voice is so breathtakingly beautiful that it will leave you in tears. In the song John talks about a woman named Adeline who seems to be someone who is very important to him and has left an impact on him. The lyrics are just as beautiful as his vocals. “Through all the people and places and lifetimes we pass through It will always come back to you”, clearly this person is very important to him and it’s such a beautiful track to dedicate to someone. If you thought the song couldn’t get anymore beautiful, well you’re in for a surprise because each recondition of it on the EP is  breathtakingly stunning and even more emotional. The EP features the brilliant singer and multi-instrumentalist Kathleen who also has such an angelic voice. Both of their harmonies together on the song will give you chills. It’s like their voices were made to be together. To make it even better another rendition of the song features a string quartet to make you really cry. The EP also features an amazing remix by Joey Pecoraro which really rounds out the album and serves as the chill laid back track, versus the more emotional tear jerking renditions. If you want a good cry definitely blast this album late at night. It’s an emotional roller coaster ride of an EP and serves as one of John’s best work to date. You definitely want to stay in the loop with John-Robert because he is a force to be reckoned with and will only rise higher into stardom!

Check Out the new EP Adeline Here:

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