Bryce Vine releases dazzling EP ‘Problems’


Bryce Vince is a force to be reckoned with and its truly apparent in his new EP Problems. It’s a rather special EP for Bryce as he dives deep into his personal feelings. Bryce first started making music in his bedroom with just his guitar, and on this record he goes back to those roots with no filter. With this record he wants to express the struggles he is currently facing along with struggles others may be going through in the world especially now, and hoping to help people feel less alone. He’s not afraid to really go there on this EP.
Standout track “Life Goes On” is a compelling tune touching on the subject of Kobe Bryant’s passing and just how fragile life really is. It’s a powerful song that really gets you focusing on life’s most important moments and really taking things into perspective. Check out the beautifully animated music video here: Life Goes On


The EP tops out at only 5 tracks but each track is so unique. With each track we see a new side of Bryce, a more raw acoustic side but still with a Bryce flare. It’s definitely a different vibe from his hit song “Drew Barrymore”, but we’re here for it. If you need an album to put on and just chill out to then this is the one. It Falls Apart is a chill banger that a lot of people could relate to, with lyrics “I’m just as lost as you are”. Take it as a sort of pick me up anthem, with a message of if something falls apart or doesn’t work out then that’s the way it is and it’s okay. Fireside has a similar vibe and quite literally makes you feel like you’re sitting around a fire with your best friends reminiscing about old times. Its a song that feels like a warm embrace in a way.  Strawberry Water is the more upbeat track on the EP, with pulsating drums and synths. “I wanna feel okay but I don’t know how”, is a standout lyric on this track and something a lot can relate to especially in these hard times now.  The closing track “Problems” which features Grady is a very relevant track for now. “All I see outside is problems”, I been hiding in my room”. There’s so many issues going on in the world its so easy to want to hide away, this track brilliantly highlights what so many of us may be feeling. Not to mention the brilliant mellow instrumentation on this track with a chill guitar driven melody. Definitely a song you want to put on a summer night drive.  The Ep as a whole is a masterpiece and it shows the versatility in Bryce as a musician. Be sure to follow Bryce on his journey, he’s definitely someone you don’t want to miss!


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Listen to Problems here!

Problems EP

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