Troye Sivan Releases ‘Easy,’ Announces New EP


This year has not been easy, to say the least, but Troye Sivan is determined to make it work.

The pop sensation’s newest single, “Easy,” explores a relationship gone awry.  Despite the track’s upbeat and nostalgic 90s dance vibes, Troye sings about the pain he feels knowing that his relationship is not what it used to be.  He sings, “I’m still in love and I say that because / I know how it seems between you and me / It hasn’t been easy darlin,” but is hopeful that things will get back on track.  Undoubtedly, this track reflects the strain that couples are feeling during quarantine.

Troye directed, and starred in, the music video for the single, which you can check out below.  Overall, he did a very nice job conveying the light that comes from the music and the dark that comes from the lyrics; we see a somber Troye sulking around a lonely-looking house, but we also see a colorful, David Bowie / Annie Lennox-esque Troye performing the song on television.

At the end of the video, Troye sinks into the depths of a swimming pool.  The shot of Troye lingering under the water’s surface might already be a familiar one to some of his fans, as it is used for the cover of his new EP, In A Dream.  Earlier this week, Troye announced that the EP will be coming out on August 21, but you can pre-order it here.

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