JUMPR Makes Compelling Debut with ‘MINE’


Whenever musicians step away from their main roles and take on new projects, there is always some uncertainty about how these projects will turn out.  Fans wonder how a guitarist in one band can become the singer in another, or how a pop singer can front a new rock group.  It seems like too great a risk to try something different.  But, if these artists have some new music going on in their heads and have the resources to make it into something real, how could they not take the chance?

Take, for instance, Jesse Boyle.  To most, he is known as the drummer in Chase Atlantic.  But now, Jesse is taking on a new identity as JUMPR.

Speculation about Jesse’s new project began in the beginning of April, when he released a series of “introductory” videos on the new project.  While we did not know what the music would sound like, we did know that it was going to be artsy and reflective.  Along with the videos, Jesse stated, “I’ve wanted to create an outlet in a visual and musical realm where I can reveal a part of myself that I haven’t been able to…Ultimately, the music I’m making here is aimed to make you feel something.  I want to evoke an emotion deeper than the normal plain.”

Indeed, the first single released from this new project taps into your feelings.  It is mostly instrumental, with some light, obscure vocals that are easy to miss the first time.  The more you listen, the more the track starts to build, with new layers of sound pushing the track forward.  You feel as if you are headed towards something great, yet unknown, and you cannot wait to get there.  Check out the video below!

And, for those wondering if Jesse’s career in Chase Atlantic will be affected, fear not!  He says that nothing will change when it comes to playing with the guys.

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