ALBUM REVIEW: Hot Knife // Dread


Brooklyn Based punk band, Hot Knife, released their new EP, “Dread” on April 20th, 2020, adding a unique sound to the punk scene. This five track release takes listeners through what it’s like to be in an adult in our day in age. Their sound personally reminds me of the bands: Blink 182, Green Day, and FIDLAR, with their old fashioned punk sound, I felt a wave of nostalgia from each song.

Track 1, “Rude” starts off strong with a fast drum, catchy guitar riff, and vocals come in, reeling the entire song together and then the chorus peaks… “I feel like myself again” sings lead Luke Taylor, tying in with the theme of the EP, which is travelling through adulthood to try to find himself.

“Top 10 Habits Of Highly Successful People” is track 3 of 5. I personally like the chord progression seen in the verse leading to the chorus, it reminds me of Green Day as the vocals swing along with the guitar riff. Keeping the chorus short and sweet, it makes the transition to the guitar solo smooth and seamless. The bridge slows it down when guitar and vocals solo out, before one last energetic chorus.

My personal favorite on this EP is track 5, “First Street”. It begins with a simple, but catchy guitar riff and vocals, backed by a melodic guitar lick that rings out. This song is very uplifting, which is why it draws me in so immensely. The change of pace in this song keeps the listener on their feet.

All in all, I highly recommend this record to classic punk lovers and anyone who appreciates a catchy riff to head-bang along with. I definitely think this band deserves more recognition in the scene, as these are the kinds of songs that would be unforgettable to see live.


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